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A BIG RETRO Slide Show shopping spree extravaganza celebrating our favorite famous big brand name products that put KITSCH in your cupboard ... FUN for your fridge … POP in your pantry … and SUPER in your SUPERMARKET! 

Retro pop culture humorist, Charles Phoenix spins the great American supermarket into festive frenzy of grocery glories and stories, shares picture perfect pot luck party recipe ideas, pays tribute to his dear mother, Donna Kay in her Kitchen, and more galore. Be prepared for your national pride to swell and your shopping spirit to soar like never before. You’ll never shop for groceries the same way again!


This show is over 2 1/2 hours of what your Vintage Supermarket Superstar Dreams are made of!


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    Unlimited replays for 7 days

    How To Watch: 

    The show is coming to you! Anywhere you can stream video or watch YouTube via cell or internet service is where you can watch the show!

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