Southern California in the 50s - Watch On Demand


Charles Phoenix Presents Southern California in the 50s

Unlimited on demand for 7 days

New Big Retro Slide Show Roasting and Toasting the Land of Plenty

The mood is up, prosperity rules and the standard of living is flying high! Southern California in the 50s is the place to be!

Charles newest online show sweeps us away on a whirlwind time-travel adventure extravaganza of spectacular suburban style, car culture, Googie architecture, roadside attractions, iconic landmarks, glamourous Hollywood, hotels, motels, restaurants, shops, fairs, festivals, world famous theme parks, and more galore!

Be prepared for this festive, fun-filled, family-friendly show to inspire your imagination and make your SoCal lovin’ spirit soar like never before!


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The show is coming to you! Anywhere you can stream video or watch YouTube via cell or internet service is where you can watch the show!

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