Collecting, curating and trading space age classic cars has been a big part of my life for the last 40 years, (I started young, LOL ). But not just any old car will do. SURVIVOR CLASS is my favorite class of classic cars. Call me a purist because that’s what I am. Granted, I have a wandering eye for ALL kinds of cars but the classic cars that are as close to the way they rolled off the assembly line are the ones I cherish most. Yep I like them factory original, unrestored, unaltered and as low-mileage as possible.

The history of a classic car is very important to me too. Where it’s from, who bought it new, who has owned it since and anything else that adds to the story. The more maintenance records and memorabilia that come with the car the better.

At this point American space age classic cars (JOYRIDES as I refer to them in my YouTube videos) are more than just classic, more than midcentury modern masterpieces, they are WORLD CLASS NATIONAL TREASURES … and an infinite source of American pride. Behold the Glory !!! …