Fins, Flair & Futurism -Watch on Demand


Charles Phoenix Presents The Fins, Flair & Futurism Slide Show!

Big Retro Slide Show: Over 2.5 Hours Celebrating the Optimism and Opulence of Mid-Century Automotive Style and Design

Watch unlimited Replays for 7 days 

Fasten your seatbelts and hold on, we’re going over the rainbow and beyond the outer limits!

Charles reveals his wild and wacky classic car collecting escapades and adventures while sharing the stories and glories of the most beautiful and bizarre space age show cars, sport coupes, stations wagons, luxury sedans and colorful convertibles ever to roll off an assembly line. 

Don’t miss this fun-filled, hi-octane, extravaganza of kitschy and classic car culture! 


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    How To Watch: 

    The show is coming to you! Anywhere you can stream video or watch YouTube via cell or internet service is where you can watch the show!

    Please feel free to contact [email protected] for any questions.

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