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Charles Phoenix Presents Coloradoland

Watch on demand unlimited for 10 days  

A BIG RETRO Vacation Slide Show Celebrating the Rocky Mountain High State.  

Have a pad and pencil handy …be ready to jot some notes … and start planning vacation plans!

Coloradoland is a mad-cap mid-century time-travel road trip adventure extravaganza exploring Colorado like it’s a great big theme park!  

Experience time-honored tourist attractions, space-age architecture, vintage neon signs, natural wonders, quirky collections, quaint shops, marvelous museums, hotels, motels, diners and bars, plus Casa Bonita, the worlds kitchiest restaurant, and Charles' ALL-TIME favorite discovery, Lakeside Amusement Park and more loge galore.

Be prepared for your imagination to be inspired and your retro lovin’ spirit to soar like never before!  


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