Dec 17  5pm 


Aloha Room at Horace Heidt’s Magnolia Estate Apartments   

14155 Magnolia Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA  

CHARLES PHOENIX: Holidayland   

Live Comedy BIG RETRO Slide Show Performance Roasting & Toasting New Years, Easter, July 4th, Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas !!! 


Gather your friends and family! It’s time to celebrate ALL the Holidays! 

With his keen expertise, unbridled enthusiasm, and eagle eye for odd-ball detail, Ambassador of Americana, Charles Phoenix, super charges the classic living room slide show into a laugh-out-loud, extravaganza of mid-century merriment, fun-filled storytelling, and festive seasonal traditions. 

Lavishing commentary on vintage Kodachrome slides, Charles reveals the wondrous ways we decorated, dressed, dined, and drank for the holidays in the 1950s & 60s! 

He also shares his eye-popping edible party centerpieces, and “best of” guide to local holiday attractions. 

This crazy colorful kaleidoscope of fun and festivities is sure to get you on the mood for the holidays like never before!  

The venue, the Aloha Room is the time-honored “community room” at Horace Heidt’s Magnolia Estate Apartments, founded in 1939. Since the 1950s the Magnolia Estates has been SoCa’s ULTIMATE a themed environmental rental complex. Be prepared to be AWED !!!  


The New York Times says: “Call him the King of Retro.” Charles Phoenix is an award-winning performer and author celebrating classic and kitschy mid-century American life and style. He is known for spirited live comedy “slide show” performances, classic car Joyride videos, fun “field trip” tours, and colorful coffee table books; his latest is Holiday Jubilee 

Festive dress encouraged  but not required.


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