Price: 39K

20K original miles, spectacular survivor class, straight rust-free body, beautiful factory original interior, outstanding chrome, trim and details inside and out, power steering and brakes, peppy 361ci engine, pushbutton Powerflite transmission, original keys and spare, quick and tight ride. Rare find.

MORE … about this 1960 DeSoto …

LOW-MILEAGE: Driven just 20K miles, this has to be among the finest low-mileage 1960 DeSoto’s in existence.
ORGINAL TRI-TONE INTERIOR: To find any classic car with a factory original interior as well preserved as this is RARE. Even rarer when it’s black and white paired with raspberry red , a rare and stunning color by automotive standards.
JET BLACK is a striking finish on any car … and makes this DeSoto seem almost presidential!
QUICK AND TIGHT RIDE: At every speed this is a great driving car. The 361 engine has plenty of extra pep. The Powerflite transmission is surprisingly responsive. That, combined with the extraordinary agility of the torsion bar suspension makes for a thrilling driving experience superior to any 1960 GM or Ford product.
MORE than a classic car … MORE than mid-century modern masterpiece, this 1960 DeSoto is a WORLD CLASS NATIONAL TREASURE!
About 1960 DeSotos …
FORWARD LOOK: The 1960 DeSoto is in a distinctive and desirable class of classic cars manufactured by Chrysler Corporation between 1956 and 1960 promoted as “CARS OF THE FORWARD LOOK.”
SPACE AGE STYLE: Inside and out, from every angle, the out-of-this-world design of the 1960 DeSoto is a supreme example the most extraordinary era of American automotive styling.
BEST TAILIGHTS EVER: Both in scale and style, 1960 DeSoto taillights win the prize for most extreme taillights of the space age era … and extra points for that trio of boomerang highlights.
PUSHBUTTON CONTOLS: The transmission and climate controls are easily engaged with the ultra-modern convince of pushbuttons.
1960 was the FINAL full year of DeSoto production. In 1961 Chrysler Corp discontinued the marque.