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Charles Phoenix

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Spectacular SURVIVOR CLASS garage find, driven just 30K miles, straight rust-free body, beautifully finished in Emerald green metallic with outstanding color coordinated factory original leather and cloth upholstery, gleaming original chrome and pot metal, excellent rubber, trim and details. 392ci HEMI engine with 325 horsepower, pushbutton Torqueflight transmission, power steering, brakes, windows, 6-way power seat, and antenna. VERY RARE to find an Imperial as innocent and original as this. Drives as nice as it looks. Car is located in Ontario, CA

MORE about this fine Imperial:

RARE FIND: This 1957 Crown Imperial Southampton, driven just 30K miles, is one of the finest “Forward Look” Imperial in existence.

WELL DECORATED: This car is well branded and has a lot of bling -Four Imperial eagles, seven Imperial scripts, and ten gold crowns.

SURVIVOR CLASS: To find any classic car with a FACTORY ORIGINAL interior as well preserved as this is extremely rare.

I always say, “QUALITY AND COLOR,” but when you have both quality and color, you have it all. EXTRA POINTS for the rich shade of metallic emerald green, which enhances the style lines of the car from every angle, in every light.

“MATCHY MATCHY”: Few cars are a BEAUTIFULLY COLOR COORIDNATED inside and out as this Imperial. Everything that can be color keyed is, including the instrument cluster and two-tone steering wheel.

CHARMED LIFE: The two previous owners were wealthy businessmen. According to the daughter of the second owner, he acquired it from a close family friend in 1980. This 1957 Imperial is MORE than an American classic … MORE than midcentury modern masterpiece, it’s a WORLD CLASS NATIONAL TREASURE

MOST MODERN LUXURY CAR OF 1957: In the wondrous realm of midcentury motoring, the 1957 Imperial is in a class all by itself. Unlike its fine luxury car competitors, Cadillac and Lincoln, the Imperial was completely redesigned for the 1957 model year giving it the distinction of being the most modern luxury car to roll of an assembly line that year.

MUSCLE CAR IN DISGUISE: The performance of the 1957 Imperial further sets it apart from its rivals. I’m a huge fan of both 1957 Cadillacs and Lincolns … BUT … the 1957 Imperial is a really muscle car in luxury car clothing. The brute force of the 392 HEMI engine paired with the agility of the torsion bar front suspension … leaves every other competitor car in the dust!

STAR OF THE FORWARD LOOK: The 1957 Imperial is the top of the line luxury offering among the cars manufactured by Chrysler Corporation between 1956 and 1959 promoted as “CARS OF THE FORWARD LOOK.”

SPACE AGE STYLE: How appropriate that the Crown Imperial would have a tiara as a crowning touch. Inside and out, chrome trim wraps up and over the roof finishing into a perfect point, punctuating the supreme space age style and status of the 1957 Imperial, the epitome of a mid-century modern luxury car. The chrome Saturn rings surrounding the taillights are the perfect “fly-me-to-the-moon” finishing touch.