SURVIVOR CLASS, garage find, straight, rust-free California car, optional two-tone paint, outstanding dash pad, headliner, door panels, and leather upholstery, gleaming pit-free pot metal, 325 horsepower 392 Hemi engine, pushbutton Torqueflight transmission, power steering, brakes, windows, 6-way power seat, and antenna, desirable early production single headlights, Flite-swept deck lid delete RARE to find an any Imperial as innocent and original as this beauty.


SURVIVOR CLASS … is my favorite class of classic car. As original and unaltered as possible. Having the history of a car intact is very important to me too. The original owner of this 1957 Imperial was the mayor of San Leandro, CA. I purchased it in San Leandro, from the estate of the second owner, a friend of the mayor.

MOST MODERN MOTOR CAR OF 1957 … In the wondrous realm of midcentury motoring the 1957 Imperial is a cosmic carriage in a class all by itself. Unlike its fine luxury car competitors, Cadillac and Lincoln, the Imperial was completely redesigned for the 1957 model year giving it the distinction of being the most modern motor car to roll of an assembly line that year.

MUSCLE CAR IN DISGUISE … The performance of the 1957 Imperial further sets it apart from its rivals. I’m a huge fan of both 1957 Cadillacs and Lincolns … BUT … we might as well just get it out in the open … the 1957 Imperial is a really muscle car in luxury car clothing. The brute force of the 392 HEMI engine paired with the extreme agility of the torsion bar front suspension … leaves every other competitor car in the dust!

SPACE AGE STYLE … How appropriate the Crown Imperial would have a tiara as a crowning touch. Inside and out, chrome trim wraps up and over the roof finishing into a perfect point punctuating the supreme space age style and status of the 1957 Imperial, the epitome of a midcentury modern luxury car. The chrome Saturn rings surrounding the taillights are the perfect “fly-me-to-the-moon” finishing touch.


Collecting, curating and trading space age classic cars has been a big part of my life for the last 40 years, (I started young, LOL ). But not just any old car will do. SURVIVOR CLASS is my favorite class of classic cars. Call me a purist because that’s what I am. Granted, I have a wandering eye for ALL kinds of cars but the classic cars that are as close to the way they rolled off the assembly line are the ones I cherish most. Yep I like them factory original, unrestored, unaltered and as low-mileage as possible.

The history of a classic car is very important to me too. Where it’s from, who bought it new, who has owned it since and anything else that adds to the story. The more maintenance records and memorabilia that come with the car the better.

At this point American space age classic cars (JOYRIDES as I refer to them in my YouTube videos) are more than just classic, more than midcentury modern masterpieces, they are WORLD CLASS NATIONAL TREASURES … and an infinite source of American pride. Behold the Glory !!! …


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